Agro Trading

Agro Trading  Company LLC is a diversified vertically integrated agricultural/wood Supplier in Ukraine created in 2013. The Company core business is supply Agro/wood  products.

Currently, Agro Trading Company reputation of supplier in Ukraine and also in Europe by harvested land among publicly traded agribusinesses is fast growing stronger and stronger

Again Ukraine in general is known not just in Europe but in the world at large as one of the finest country, when it comes to the supply of high quality agricultural / Wood products.

Development strategy

• This Company’s overall business strategy is to become the leading agricultural supplier in Ukraine. Key elements of the Company”s strategy can be summarized below.

• Improve financial results and operational performance

The Company has continually sought to improve financial and operational margins and it intends to continue improving its margins by implementing no-till technology on all of its operation circle which the company expects will result in significant decreases in labor  costs compared to other agricultural suppliers in Ukraine.

• Manageable Expansion of its Operation Surface

The Company intends to further expand its supply scale by continuing to increase its capacity rights to other party of the country, particularly in areas near its  facilities and further in the medium and long term, Agro Trading management intends to manage ably expand its ties with other companies with huge output capacity of natural growth by joining force with them so as to help increase output and enhance concentrated fertile soils for better quality product supply.

• Increase supply Chain and capasities

The Company plans to further increase its supply capacities through the acquisition and construction of good business ties, in proportion to its planned expansion of its supply. Management believes that self-sufficiency in supply capasity enables the Company to achieve better pricing terms for its Product supply than can otherwise be obtained at Production time.

• Western standards of corporate governance
The Company is focused on good corporate governance and intends to achieve standards comparable to well-governed Western companies. The Management of Agro Trading  is responsible for setting and reviewing the strategy and approving major Company financial documents, including the annual budget and business plan. Two independent non-executive directors are present on the four-member Board, which meets at least two times per year.

Our Objective

• Our aim, desire, want and expectancy, is to make sure that we provide our consummers we that best and very good quality product that meet standard requirement at all point in time, we seach and get the best for you, we regard to qaulity and quantity.
• We keep working hard every day and night to meet perfection but nothing is perfect ontill is perfect, we want to achieve the world best supply
• We want to make sure our clients are satify with the best and nothing short but the best, so go for the best today.


• Agro Trading Company pays a great deal of attention to its employees’ professional growth and is always looking for motivated, qualified and result-oriented professionals to join our team.

• We love team work, New Ideas, Growth and Cooperation, any idea is vital to the success of Agro Trading  .

• You are welcome to Agro Trading  The Pilar of Agriculture/ Wood Supply.

Please send your cover letter and CV to our e-mail: jobs@agrotradingcompany.com